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Roanoke County Court Records

Roanoke County court records comprise files and documents created during legal cases, trials, or court hearings. Court records are typically safeguarded in the custody of court clerks and may include judgments, court orders, trial transcripts, motions, indictments, and pleadings, among other cogent information.

Are Court Records Public in Roanoke County?

According to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (VFIA), court records in Roanoke County are public records. Members of the public may view or inspect non-confidential documents in the custody of a public body or its officers and employees. Records can be accessed physically at the Circuit Court of Roanoke County by submitting a records request to the Circuit Court Clerk's Office or via email. Record seekers can also request public records from the Roanoke County Public Information Office. Requesters may need to pay a fee or provide a valid government-issued means of identification.

Roanoke County Court Records Search by Name

Name-based searches are a standard option for retrieving records. Members of the public can conduct searches using names related to cases, such as the attorney appearing, the names of parties involved, event location, and much more. To gain access to these records, record seekers can use the Secure Remote Access (SRA) Application provided by the Clerk of the Circuit Court. Other criteria through which a record search can be conducted include the case number and the filing date.

Roanoke County Courts

Roanoke county is served by the Roanoke County Circuit Court, the Roanoke County General District Court, and the Roanoke County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. The Roanoke County Circuit Court has exclusive original jurisdiction in all criminal cases and concurrent jurisdiction with the Roanoke County General District Court in civil cases.

Here are the locations of the Courts in Roanoke County:

Roanoke County Circuit Court
305 East Main Street,
Salem, VA 24153-1126
(540) 387-6205


Roanoke County General District Court
305 East Main Street,
Salem, VA 24153-0997
(540) 387-6168


Roanoke County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court
Courthouse Building,
305 East Main Street
Salem, VA 24153-4347
(540) 387-6160


Roanoke County Magistrate’s Office
Roanoke County/Salem Jail
401 East Main Street
Salem, VA 24153
(540) 387-6092

Roanoke County District Court Records

Roanoke County District Court has original jurisdiction in cases involving $4,500 or less and in claims for recovery of possession of personal property or rented premises. The General District Court has concurrent (shared) original jurisdiction with the Circuit Court when the amount claimed is between $4,500 and $15,000. In criminal and traffic cases, the General District Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanors and violations of ordinances, laws, and bylaws of Roanoke County. The court also conducts preliminary hearings in felony cases. The court has jurisdiction over all traffic infractions except those involving juveniles.

The Roanoke County District Court Records are typically maintained and safeguarded by the Clerk of the Roanoke County District Court. This clerk is responsible for recording acts and proceedings of the district court, recording all executions and returns issued on the executions, and entering all court judgments under the judge's direction, amongst other vital job roles.

Roanoke County Criminal Records

Roanoke County criminal records provide information about an individual's criminal conviction history. Depending on the type of records the requester is interested in, Roanoke County criminal records are accessible through the courts and law enforcement agencies.

Requesters can access criminal records in Roanoke County by approaching the Roanoke County Circuit Court. This court has original jurisdiction in criminal cases, making it the custodian of the county's criminal records. Criminal cases and records are readily searchable in the public records room of the Office of the Clerk of Circuit Court.

Record seekers can access this information through the Roanoke County Police Department by contacting the Roanoke County Police Records Division at (540) 777-8605. Requesters may need to provide a valid, government-issued ID when requesting.

Roanoke County Criminal Court Case Lookup

Roanoke County criminal court case lookup is readily available at the Roanoke County Circuit Court or by emailing the Roanoke County’s Public Information Office. Requesters can approach the Clerk of the Circuit Court at the courthouse for a criminal court case lookup.

Get Roanoke County Civil Court Records

Roanoke County civil court records are documents and archives filed to initiate and facilitate court cases. They provide information on civil cases pertaining to contract issues, domestic relations, and mental health, among other things. Civil court records are kept and maintained as public records. Requesters who wish to access Roanoke County civil court records can do so by emailing the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office or calling (540) 387-6205. Record seekers can also retrieve these civil court records by sending a public record request via email to the Roanoke County’s Public Information Office.

Roanoke County Family Court Records

Roanoke County Family court records refer to archives and documents created to initiate and facilitate family law cases, such as adoption, child custody, paternity, divorce, spousal support, and domestic relations. The Roanoke County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court maintains these records. Record seekers can access these records by contacting the Clerk of the Roanoke County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court via (540) 387-6160 or by emailing the court clerk.

Roanoke County Marriage and Divorce Records

Roanoke County marriage and divorce records refer to documents and files initiated for conducting legal conjugal unions and for legally ending unions. According to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (VFIA), marriage and divorce records are generally public. These records are maintained by the Roanoke County Circuit Court, where the marriage license was issued or the divorce petition filed. Requesters may gain access to these records by emailing the Clerk of the Circuit Court office or by contacting (540) 387-6205.

Roanoke County Birth and Death Records

Roanoke County birth and death records provide information on legal births and deaths in the county. Such records can be obtained via the Vital Records Division of the Virginia Department of Health Page or by contacting the office at (804) 662-6200. To get a death certificate in Roanoke County, record seekers must generally apply and pay a processing fee of $12.00 per copy. In contrast, birth certificates can be received by mail or walk-in requests, as all births in the county are electronically submitted. However, record seekers must enclose a check or money order for $12.00 for each copy requested.

Roanoke County Probate Court Records

Roanoke County has no probate courts. Probate court records are typically responsible for providing detailed information about filings and cases about deceased people’s estates. These records can determine the validity of a will, create an administration in cases where the individual who has died did not leave a will, and decide the legal and legitimate heirs of the deceased. In Roanoke County, probate and estate matters naturally fall within the jurisdiction of the Roanoke County Circuit Court. Requesters can access these probate records by emailing the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office or calling (540) 387-6205.

Roanoke County Property Records

Roanoke County property records refer to legal and public records about information about actual property ownership, title interest, and pieces of real estate. Such records include the deed, which provides information on the legal property owner. Roanoke County property records can provide details such as mortgage, address, and surveys. Property records in Roanoke County fall within the jurisdiction of the Roanoke County Circuit Court. Record seekers can email or contact the office at (540) 387-6205 to access these records.

Roanoke County Court Records Online

In addition to government websites, residents can access court records online through third-party websites like These websites are convenient and offer advanced search features for more precise results. However, such platforms operate independently of government agencies. As such, the record accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

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