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What Are Virginia Drug Treatment Courts?

Drug Treatment Courts are specialized courts in the Virginia court system that handle drug addiction and drug-related offenses. Following the Virginia Drug Treatment Court Act, the Virginia General Assembly established the Drug Treatment Court to help curb drug use, drug addiction, and drug-related crimes and ultimately preserve public safety. The objectives of the Drug Treatment Court include:

  • Decreasing drug dependency and addiction among offenders
  • Reducing the rate of repeat drug offenses
  • Decreasing the court proceedings of drug-related cases
  • Building the accountability of drug offenders towards their family and the society in general
  • The promotion of adequate planning efficiency among the criminal justice system and community agencies

The Virginia Supreme Court is responsible for overseeing the administration of the Drug Treatment Court. Among the Supreme Court’s administrative functions is the supervision of the distribution of funds for the Drug Courts, rendering technical support to the Drug Court, training the judges that preside over the Drug Court proceedings, and oversight of the appraisal and effectiveness of the Drug Treatment Courts in Virginia.

Before a Drug Court can be established in the state, the officials of the circuit must complete a recognized planning process that will help achieve the goals of the court. The state Drug Treatment Court Advisory committee was established to help with the operations of the Drug Court. Their functions include:

  • Recommendation and assessment of the standards for the establishment and operation of Drug Courts
  • Assisting in the appraisal of Drug Courts to know their effectiveness
  • Coordinating the agencies that contribute to the planning process and implementation of drug courts

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court heads the Drug Treatment Court Advisory, and the committee also includes:

  • A member of the Judicial Conference of Virginia who heads a Drug Treatment Court
  • A District Court judge
  • An executive secretary
  • Directors of executive agencies including, Department of Criminal Justice Services, Department of Corrections, Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, and the Department of Social Services
  • A representative from the following agencies: local probation and pretrial services agency, the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Association, the Virginia Indigent Defense Commission, the Circuit Court Clerk’s Association, the Virginia Sheriff’s Association, the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police, the Commission on VASAP, and two persons from the Virginia Drug Court Association

Different Drug Treatment Court Advisory committees must be created for each local drug court. If a jurisdiction has separate drug courts for both adults and juvenile drug offenders, they must have separate advisory committees.

The eligibility of offenders to participate in a drug court program depends on the advisory committee requirements, which may differ across the districts. However, adult offenders convicted of a violent crime within the past ten years and juvenile offenders that have been tried of any offense and found guilty within the past ten years are not eligible to partake in any Drug Treatment Court. The involvement of offenders in the Drug Treatment Court is voluntary, and a written agreement between such persons and the court must occur before any form of participation ensues.

In Virginia, there are thirty-eight operational Adult Drug Treatment Courts, seven Juvenile Drug Treatment Courts, four Family Drug Treatment Courts, and two Regional DUI Drug Treatment Courts.

The contact information of the Virginia Drug Treatment Courts are:

Adult Drug Treatment Courts

30th Circuit Adult Drug Court (Lee, Wise, & Scott Counties)

Coordinator: Ranessa Jessee

Email: drugcourt@wisecounty.org

Phone: (276) 328–8653

Albemarle County, Charlottesville Adult Drug Court

Coordinator: Jodi Jackson

Email: jjackson@oar-jacc.org

Phone: (434) 296–2441

Alexandria Adult Drug Treatment Court

Coordinator: David Lord


Phone: (703) 746–4100

Arlington County Adult Drug Court

Coordinator: Cliff Jacobs


Phone: (703) 228–7160

Bristol Adult Drug Court

Coordinator: Allison Arnold

Email: allison.arnold@bristolva.org

Phone: (276) 644–1102

Buchanan Adult Drug Court

Coordinator: Mary K. Brown

Email: mbrown@vacourts.gov

Phone: 2760 935–6579

Chesterfield Adult Drug Court

Coordinator: Melanie Meadows

Email: meadowsm@chesterfield.gov

Phone: (804) 717–6801

Chesapeake Adult Drug Court

Coordinator: Vicki Davis

Email: vdavis@cheasapeakeibh.net

Phone: (757) 819–6235

Dickenson Adult Drug Court

Coordinator: Morgan Turner


Phone: (276) 395–0895

Fairfax Adult Drug Treatment

Coordinator: Lanier Yi

Email: Lanier.Yi@fairfaxcounty.gov

Phone: (703) 246–3238

Floyd County Adult Drug Court

Coordinator: Lori Trail

Email: LTrail@nrvcs.org

Phone: (540) 320–9286

Fluvanna County Adult Drug

Coordinator: Susan Morrow

Email: smorrow@oar-jacc.org

Phone: (434) 296–2441

Giles County Recovery Court

Coordinator: Lori Trail

Email: ltrail@nrvcs.org

Phone: (540) 320–9286

Halifax County Adult Drug

Coordinator: Freda Holliday

Email: fhh@co.halifax.va.us

Phone: (434) 476–1183

Hampton Adult Drug Court

Coordinator: Sherry Glasgow

Email: sglasgow@hnncsb.org

Phone: (757) 224–2378

Harrisonburg/Rockingham Adult Drug Treatment Court

Coordinator: Erica Hooker

Email: ehooker@rockinghamcountyva.gov

Phone: (540) 564–3143

Henrico County Adult Drug

Coordinator: Sarah Perkins-Smith

Email: Per068@henrico.us

Phone: (804) 501–7596

Loudoun County Adult Drug

Coordinator: Charles Mulligan

Email: Charles.Mulligan@loudoun.gov

Phone: (703) 777–0207

Lynchburg Adult Drug Court

Coordinator: Rhonda Turner

Email: Rhonda.turner@horizonbh.org

Phone: (434) 847–8035

Montgomery County Adult Drug

Coordinator: Lori Trail

Email: ltrail@nrvcs.org

Phone: (540) 320–9286

Newport News Adult Drug Court

Coordinator: Sherry Glasgow

Email: sglasgow@hnncsb.org

Phone: (757) 247–2370

Norfolk Adult Drug Court

Coordinator: Marla Newby

Email: mnewby@vacourts.gov

Phone: (757) 823–1276

Northern Neck & Essex Adult Drug Treatment Court

Coordinator: Auriel Walker

Email: awalker@nnrj.state.va.us

Phone: (804) 333–6005

Northwest Regional Adult Drug Court

Coordinator: Tiffany Cadoree

Email: Tcadoree@valleyhealthlink.com

Phone: (540) 303–3520

Portsmouth Adult Drug Court

Coordinator: Raymond Gray

Email: Raymond.Gray@portsmouthva.gov

Phone: (757) 391–3232

Prince George, Hopewell & Surry Adult Drug Court

Coordinator: Bettina Coghill

Email: bcoghill@princegeorgeva.org

Phone: (804) 733–2760

Pulaski County Adult Drug Court

Coordinator: Lori Trail

Email: ltrail@nrvcs.org

Phone: (540) 320–9286

Rappahannock Regional Adult Drug Court

Coordinator: Stacie Tritle

Email: stritle@rrj.state.va.us

Phone: (540) 899–4450

Richmond Adult Drug Court

Coordinator: Gloria Jones

Email: Gloria.Jones@richmondgov.com

Phone: (804) 646–3756

23rd Judicial Circuit Adult Drug Court (Roanoke City, Salem City &

Roanoke County)

Coordinator: Terri Price

Email: terri.price@vadoc.virginia.gov

Phone: (540) 387–5257

Russell Adult Drug Court

Coordinator: Missy Carter

Email: Missy.carter@russellcountyva.us

Phone: (276) 889–8158

Smyth County Recovery Court

Coordinator: Michelle Ward

Email: recoverycourt@smythcounty.org

Phone: (276) 706–8656

Staunton, Augusta County, Waynesboro Adult Drug Court (SAW Drug Court)

Coordinator: Gwendolyn “Wendy” Dodge

Email: dodgegl@ci.staunton.va.us

Phone: (540) 886–1008

Tazewell Adult Drug Court

Coordinator: Cheryl Robinette

Email: cherylrobinette@outlook.com

Phone: (276) 312–7562

Twin Counties & Galax Recovery Court (Carroll & Grayson Counties)

Coordinator: Vicky Keesling

Email: vicky.keesling@mrcsb.state.va.us

Phone: (276) 238–9700

Virginia Beach Adult Drug Court

Coordinator: Maureen Barnard

Email: MBarnard@vbgov.com

Phone: (757) 385–6338

Washington Adult Drug Court

Coordinator: Adam Spencer

Email: aspencer@highlandscsb.org

Phone: (276) 608–3008

Wythe County Adult Drug Court

Coordinator: Ellen Moriarty

Email: ellen.moriarty@mrcsb.state.va.us

Phone: (276) 223–3200

Juvenile Drug Treatment Courts

Chesterfield Juvenile Drug Court

Coordinator: Melanie Meadows

Email: meadowsm@chesterfield.go

Phone: (804) 717–6801

Franklin County Juvenile Drug Court

Coordinator: Sherry Pilson

Email: spilson@piedmontcsb.org

Phone: (540) 483–0582

Rappahannock Regional Juvenile Drug Court

Coordinator: Stacie Tritle

Email: stritle@rrj.state.va.us

Phone: (540) 899–4450

Hanover Juvenile Drug Court

Coordinator: Cynthia Kirschner

Email: cynthia.kirschner@djj.virginia.gov

Phone: (804) 365–6301

Henrico Juvenile Drug Court

Coordinator: Kathleen (Kathy) Jones

Email: Kathleen.jones@djj.virginia.gov

Phone: (804) 501–4693

Newport News Juvenile Drug Court

Coordinator: Nadia Boyd

Email: nboyd@hnncsb.org

Phone: (757) 926–8302

30th District Juvenile Drug Court (Lee, Scott & Wise Counties Juvenile Drug Court)

Coordinator: Lavonna Price

Email: Lavonnaprice.ajc@gmail.com

Phone: (276) 708–6367

Family Drug Treatment Courts

Albemarle County, Charlottesville Family Drug Court

Coordinator: Laura Handler

Email: laura.handler@regionten.org

Phone: (434) 981–3041

Bedford County Family Drug Court

Coordinator: Paul Baldwin

Email: Paul.Baldwin@dss.virginia.gov

Phone: (540) 586–7750

Giles County Family Drug Court

Coordinator: David St. John

Email: dsjohn@nrvcs.org

Phone: (540) 357–0958

Goochland Family Drug Court

Coordinator: Kathy Ward

Email: kward@goochland.va.us

Phone: (804) 598–2200

Regional DUI Drug Treatment Courts

Fredericksburg Regional DUI Drug Court

Coordinator: Kevin Ortegel

Email: kortegel@raasap.com

Phone: (540) 645–6310

Waynesboro DUI Drug Court

Coordinator: Miles Bobbitt

Email: bobbittmc@ci.staunton.va.us

Phone: (540) 886–5616

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