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Chesterfield County Court Records

Chesterfield County court records are documents containing information about legal proceedings. These records are typically created by or submitted to the court and maintained by a court clerk. They usually include transcripts, procedural history (filing dates, hearings, court schedule, motions), pleadings, affidavits, evidence (witness testimony, physical evidence), briefs, complaints, audio and video recordings, service/process, appeal, disposition, decrees, judgments, and orders.

Chesterfield County court records create an avenue for checks and balances in the judicial system. Judges of appellate courts, lawyers, parties to a case, and members of the public can review court documents to ensure that court proceedings follow due process and that no party is prejudiced. In Chesterfield County, Virginia, court records also help judges of appellate courts find errors or substance in a previous judgment to either upturn or uphold the decision of lower courts.

Are Court Records Public in Chesterfield County?

Yes. In line with the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, writings, recordings, and records, regardless of physical form or feature, in the custody of a public body, its officers, or employees shall be readily accessible to all (§ 2.2-3700 - §2.2-3714, Code of Virginia). Consequently, documents and papers created or owned by or in possession of an agency of the government in the transaction of public business are public records.

All court records are presumed to be open and available for inspection unless expressly exempt from public disclosure by any part of the Virginia FOIA, an order of a court of jurisdiction, or any other statute. The following records are not subject to mandatory disclosure and may be restricted from public access where necessary:

  • Information connected to an ongoing investigation by the Attorney General
  • Juvenile Records
  • Mental Health Records
  • Court documents relating to involuntary commitment
  • Criminal investigative files
  • Information given in confidence to state or local law enforcement agencies
  • Personal information about victims or witnesses
  • Information that may compromise the safety or privacy of any person
  • Personal identifying information, medical or finance records in non-criminal cases.

Chesterfield County Court Records Search

Researchers can conduct a Chesterfield County court record search at any of the following sources:

  • The originating courthouse
  • The clerk of the court where the case is filed
  • Virginia Judiciary Online Case Information System 2.0
  • Virginia Circuit Court Case Information System
  • Third-party Court Records Search websites.

Chesterfield County Court Records Search by Name

To find a court record by name in Chesterfield County, the searcher must know the first and last name or company name of any of the parties to the case (this can be the plaintiff, defendant, complainant, appellant, or respondent). Although not compulsory, it may also help to know the names of the attorneys or judges in that particular case.

With this information, a requestor can visit the court clerk’s office to lookup court records on public access terminals. Note, however, that requestors who visit courts to obtain records may be required to:

  • Provide a means of identification (state-issued IDs)
  • Pay search, copying, and certification fees
  • Complete and submit a written application form to process the request
  • Provide additional information about the case of interest (the charge, hearing date, filing date range, nature of the case, and proof of relationship to the subject if it is a family court record).

Researchers can also access court records online. The Virginia Judicial Branch maintains online case management systems for members of the public to view case information and search records in the court system.

  • Virginia Circuit Court Case Information System: Select “Chesterfield Circuit Court” from the dropdown list to begin the search process. Select the criminal or civil division and input the party's first and last name, case number, or hearing date.
  • Virginia Judiciary Online Case Information System 2.0: Here, Researchers can find case information for all state and county circuit courts, general district, and juvenile & domestic relations district courts (J&DR court). Users can search the system by court level, party name, case number, or hearing date.

Chesterfield County Courts

The Chesterfield Court system consists of a circuit court, a general district court, and a juvenile and domestic relations district court. The addresses and contact information of all courts in the Chesterfield County jurisdiction are as follows:

Chesterfield County Circuit Court - 12th Judicial Circuit
Chesterfield County Courts Building
9500 Courthouse Road
2nd Floor
P.O. Box 125
Chesterfield, VA 23832-0125
Phone: (804) 748-1241
Fax: (804) 796-5625


Chesterfield County General District Court - 12th Judicial District
Chesterfield County Courts Building
9500 Courthouse Road
P.O. Box 144
Chesterfield, VA 23832-0144
Phone: (804) 748-1231
Fax: (804) 748-1757


Chesterfield Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court
7000 Lucy Corr Boulevard
Chesterfield, VA 23832
Phone: (804) 748-1379
Fax: (804) 717-6043

Chesterfield County Circuit Court Case Search

The County Circuit Court has jurisdiction over serious criminal offenses (felonies) and civil cases exceeding $25,000. It receives appeals from the general district and the juvenile and domestic relations district courts. The Chesterfield Circuit Court also adjudicates misdemeanor charges originating from grand jury action.

Case information on civil, criminal, and grand jury case records and appeals prepared or maintained by the circuit court clerk can be retrieved from the circuit court clerk. The court clerk’s office is open to visitors from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Mondays through Fridays. Requests for copies of court records in custody of the court clerk cost $0.50 per page, and certified copies for $2.00 per document.

Interested persons can also request copies of court records by phone or mail. Call the court clerk's office to confirm the length of a document and get a quote for the copying fees before sending a mail request. Requests made by mail or phone call cost an additional $2.00 postage and processing fee. Fees associated with phone requests can be paid by credit card, while written requests must include fees in cash, check, or money order payable to the Chesterfield County Circuit Court.

Mailing Address:
Chesterfield County Circuit Court
P.O. Box 125
Chesterfield, VA 23832-0909
Phone: (804) 748-1241
Phone: (804) 717-6981 (Civil Case Court Records)
Phone: (804) 717-6980 (Criminal Case Court Records).

Alternatively, researchers may utilize the Virginia Judiciary online case information search portals to find records of the Chesterfield Circuit Court. Individuals can search by name, case number, or hearing date.

Chesterfield County District Court Records

The Chesterfield County General District Court has original jurisdiction over traffic violation cases, misdemeanors, and other simple offenses, as well as civil cases like landlord and tenant disputes, evictions, contract disputes, and actions for trespass and personal injury. The general district court adjudicates civil matters not valued over $25,000 (except in cases of personal injury or wrongful death not valued over $50,000 and eviction suits). Small claims suits may also be initiated in a district court (with claims of $4,500 or less).

Chesterfield County Criminal Records

Chesterfield County arrest records are prepared and maintained by the Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office and Police Departments. Interested persons may contact or visit the Sheriff's Office to find information on persons arrested in the county.

Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office
9500 Courthouse Road
Chesterfield, VA 2383
P.O. Box 940 Chesterfield, VA 23832-0001
Phone: (804) 748-1261

Inquirers may also obtain a criminal history report from the Virginia State Police. The Virginia State Police is in charge of performing criminal history record checks. To get a criminal record report, download and complete the SP-167 form and mail it to the Virginia State Police at:

Virginia State Police
Civil & Applicant Records Exchange (CARE)
7700 Midlothian Turnpike
N. Chesterfield, Virginia 23235.

Chesterfield County Criminal Court Case Lookup

Chesterfield County criminal court records may be accessed at public terminals, the circuit court clerk's office, or the presiding courthouse. Researchers can also look up criminal court cases on the Virginia judiciary case management systems.

Get Chesterfield County Civil Court Records

In Chesterfield County, civil court records are generated or filed in connection with non-criminal suits or disputes initiated by private individuals or companies. Civil suits are usually on defamation, landlord and tenant disputes, forcible entry and detainer, insurance lawsuits, trespass, personal injury, professional negligence, malpractice, contract disputes, estate settlement, domestic violence, child care, adoption, divorce, etc. Interested persons can get Chesterfield civil court records from the circuit court clerk and the Virginia courts case information system.

Chesterfield County Family Court Records

In Chesterfield County, family law cases are handled by the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court. Under sections 16.1-241 and 16.1-243 Code of Virginia, the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court adjudicates on cases involving the dissolution of marriage, child custody, spousal support, child support, enforcement of support orders, child abuse or neglect, custody and visitation, termination of parental rights, domestic violence, juvenile delinquency, and status offenses, foster care, legal emancipation, work-permit for minors, court consent for medical and mental health treatment of minors.

Requests for Chesterfield County family court records may be directed to the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. Certain information contained in family court records may often be redacted at the discretion of the record custodian as they are sensitive records. On the other hand, juvenile and adoption records are wholly prohibited from public disclosure. They may only be accessible to the record's parents, legal guardians, attorneys, or owners.

Chesterfield Dissolution of Marriage Records

Chesterfield County's dissolution of marriage records are records of divorce, legal separation, and annulment proceedings handled by a competent court of jurisdiction. They are legal documents that signify the end of a marriage. Dissolution of marriage records are part of family court records and can be obtained at the juvenile and domestic relations district courthouse.

Chesterfield County Marriage and Divorce Records

Applications for marriage and divorce certificates may be directed to the Virginia Department of Health (VDH). However, Chesterfield County vital records (marriage, divorce, birth, and death certificates) are strictly available to the subject’s immediate family members — mother, father, children, siblings, and grandparents. Eligible persons may obtain a copy of a Chesterfield County marriage or divorce certificate for $12.

The Virginia Department of Health processes email, written mail, and walk-in request record requests. Email requests must include the application form, a copy of the applicant's ID card, and an active mobile phone number so the applicant can pay by credit card over the phone. Written requests should be addressed to the Chesterfield Health Department. Individuals may also contact the Chesterfield Health Department at (804) 748-1691 for further inquiries.

Chesterfield County Health Department
9501 Lucy Corr Circle
Chesterfield, VA 23832,
Phone: (804) 748-1691


Mailing Address:
9501 Lucy Corr Circle
P.O. Box 100
Chesterfield, VA 23832

Furthermore, one may inspect or request copies of Chesterfield marriage and divorce records at public terminals in the court clerk’s office where the divorce decree was issued or the marriage license or certificate is filed.

Chesterfield County Birth and Death Records

Chesterfield birth and death records are vital records maintained by the Virginia Department of Health. All birth certificates and deaths in Virginia are available for eligible applicants at $12 per record. Immediate family members, including parents, spouses, children, siblings, and grandparents, can apply for and receive a copy of a birth or death certificate. Extended relatives like aunts, uncles, cousins, and in-laws do not meet the definition of immediate family members here.

To purchase a copy of these records, print and complete a copy of the birth or death certificate application form and submit it by email or written mail addressed to the Chesterfield County Health Department or submit the request at their physical location in person.

A Chesterfield death certificate may be essential to claim life insurance benefits and to ensure the right to inherit the property of a deceased relative in legal proceedings. Likewise, Chesterfield birth certificates are proof of age. They are required for passport applications, opening bank accounts, enrollment in educational institutions, and social security benefits claims.

Chesterfield County Probate Court Records

The Chesterfield Circuit Court handles all probate matters for the county. Probate court hearings are concerned with the validation of wills, appointing executors or representatives to manage the decedent’s estate, settling creditors, distributing assets in line with intestacy laws (where there is no will), guardianship, and conservatorship.

The circuit court clerk has the legal authority to probate wills, grant administration of the estate, and appoint executors and administrators in line with a decedent's will. Interested persons can obtain Chesterfield County probate records physically at the circuit court clerk's office, online on the Virginia Judiciary case management system, or by sending a records request via mail.

Chesterfield County Property Records

The Chesterfield Circuit Court Clerk's office maintains land records for the county, including deeds, ownership records, plats/surveys, liens, and encumbrances. According to the law, land records are publicly available through the Circuit Court Clerk’s Secure Remote Access (SRA). Access to Chesterfield County land records on the SRA is limited to subscribed users. Official copies of Chesterfield property records can be obtained from the court clerk's office during usual working hours.

Chesterfield County Court Records Online

Researchers may find court case information through third-party public records search websites like Third-party sites have minimal to no geographical restrictions, so using them helps individuals find court case information from various courts across Virginia.

Access to these search services is, however, not free. Vendors may charge between $1 and $10 per search, depending on the type of record sought and how basic or comprehensive the searcher wants the result. Some may also offer subscription packages at a fixed price for a limited number of monthly searches. Information obtained from third-party public record search websites must be vetted carefully. Since they operate independently of government-owned sites, their data may be outdated or inaccurate.

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