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Campbell County Arrest Records

Campbell County arrest records document the arrest of individuals by law enforcement officers such as the County Sheriff or the police officers. Generally, law enforcement officers in Campbell County make arrests when there is probable cause that the arrested individual has committed a crime. Law enforcement officers may also make arrests when:

  • A suspect is observed committing a crime.
  • The arrest can protect the arrested person from putting themselves in harm's way.
  • Making the arrest can protect members of the public or property from harm or damage due to the actions of the person arrested.
  • They have a warrant for the arrest of an individual
  • It helps in the process of carrying out an investigation
  • Executing an arrest warrant issued by the court

Campbell County arrest records are public records and may be used along with other records, such as the Campbell County Court Records, if the arrest leads to a court case.

The Blue Ridge Regional Jail Authority (BRRJA) manages and operates the Campbell County Adult Detention Centers located at:

90 Courthouse Lane
Rustburg, VA 24588
Phone: (434) 332-9583

Are Arrest Records Public in Campbell County?

Campbell County arrest records are public records stipulated by the laws of the State of Virginia. The Code of Virginia § 2.2-3706 mandates that all law enforcement records (including arrest records) are open to the public to access unless they are part of an ongoing investigation, and releasing them will jeopardize the investigation. The release of arrest records may also be exempted if the arrestee is a juvenile. Other reasons why arrest records may be exempted from public access as provided by Virginia Code § 2.2-3705.1 include:

  • When the circumstance of the arrest necessitates the importance of protecting the privacy of the arrestee
  • To address public safety concerns
  • When records are personnel records capable of exposing the identity of certain persons
  • When the records are related to the negotiation and award of contracts
  • When the records are related to certain records of the Virginia Parole Board
  • Appraisals of real property for a proposed sale, lease, or purchase before the completion of the transaction

Virginia code, however, permits access to exempted arrest records to the following:

  • The subject of the record and their legally appointed representatives
  • Local, state, and federal law enforcement
  • Judicial officials such as prosecutors and judges
  • Government agencies
  • Persons or entities with a court order permitting them to access these records

What Do Public Arrest Records Contain?

Campbell County Arrest records provide comprehensive details of the arrests. Some of these include the following:

  • Arrestee photograph and fingerprint records taken after the arrest as part of the booking process
  • Information relative to the identity of the arrestee, such as full name, date of birth, gender, weight, hair color, eye color, facial features that aid identification, such as scars and tattoos
  • Arrest information, including locations, date, time, the arresting officer, the reason for arrest, and the arresting law enforcement agency
  • Charge-related information such as charge classification, description of charges, charge codes, and case number
  • Court information such as court name and address, date, and status of the court case, which may be either pending, convicted, or dismissed
  • Booking information such as booking number, time, date, facility where arrestee is being detained, bail, and bond information

Campbell County Crime Rate

Based on data from the Virginia State Police Crime Reporting Data, there were 4,184 reported crime incidents in the county in 2022. The three highest reported crime types were property-related crimes at 1.125, crimes against persons at 635, and crimes against society at 332. The most reported crimes per category were:

Category Crime Type Number
People related crimes Simple Assault 474
Property related crimes All other larceny 293
Society related crimes Drug/Narcotic violations 231

The most reported crimes in Campbell County across all categories were:

Crime type Number
Simple assault 474
All other larceny 293
Destruction, damage, and vandalism of property 203
Drug and narcotic violations 231
False Pretenses, Swindle, and Confidence Game 98
Theft from a motor vehicle 91
Aggravated assault 79
Weapon Law Violations 75
Motor vehicle theft 70
Theft from building 66

Campbell County Arrest Statistics

According to data from the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department available on the FBI Crime Data Explorer portal, there were 740 arrests in the county in 2022. These arrests included 28 drug possession offenses, 2 for drug sales, none for gambling offenses, 70 arrests for crimes against property, no arrests for prostitution violations, 492 crimes against society arrests, and 171 arrests for crimes against persons. The highest number of arrests for any crime was for simple assault, with 151 cases. The age and gender classification with the highest number of arrests in Campbell County are:

  • Male 30 - 34 years with 95 arrests
  • Female 35 - 39 with 38 arrests

Most persons arrested in the county were white, with 494 arrests (66.8%). The racial composition for all arrests is as follows:

Race Number of Arrests Percentage
White 494 66.8
Black or African American 194 26.2
Unknown race 48 6.5
Asian 3 0.4
American Indian or Alaska Native 1 0.1
Native Hawaiian 0 0

Campbell County had a total incarceration capacity of 1,800 inmates by September 2022. Eight hundred thirteen persons were already sentenced, and pre-trials were incarcerated during this period. As of the second quarter of 2021, the ratio of female to male incarcerations in Campbell County was one female to 18 male. The racial incarceration rates compared to the population of the county for the top two most incarcerated races, whites, and black/African Americans, are as follows:

Race Percentage of Population in County Percentage Incarcerated in County
White 74 58
Black/African American 20 39

Find Campbell County Arrest Records

Persons interested in finding inmates in Campbell County may use the Virginia State Department of Corrections’ online system. This service allows the search of inmates using their inmate ID or full name. Alternatively, interested persons may find an inmate by phone by calling the Virginia State Department of Corrections’ offender locator line at (434) 332-9583. Persons calling in to find an inmate must provide the complete identity, identification number, or date of birth.

Persons interested in inmates under federal jurisdiction should note that Campbell County has no federal correctional institutions or penitentiaries. However, the Blue Ridge Regional Jail Authority, which manages the Campbell County Adult Detention Center, has partnered with the U.S. Marshal Service to use its detention services for inmates under its jurisdiction.

Free Arrest Record Search in Campbell County

Persons interested in free record searches for Campbell County arrest records may opt to use free third-party websites or applications that provide this service. The Virginia State Department of Corrections online system is also a free service to search for arrested persons in the county.

Get Campbell County Criminal Records

A criminal record is a formal record kept by law enforcement officers for offenses in which the person the record is on has been convicted for or pled guilty. Law enforcement authorities and the courts generate criminal records. Criminal records provide information on the arrest, bail, charges, convictions, sentencing, incarceration, probation, parole, records of appeals, expungement details, pardons, and other related legal proceedings. Criminal records also bear the full name, aliases, and a description of physical characteristics that aid identification, such as hair and eye color.

Persons interested in Campbell County criminal records may access these records through the Campbell County Sheriff's Office using the online request form to electronically submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Requests may also be made in person Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the office at:

87 Courthouse Lane
Rustburg, VA 24588
Phone: (434) 332-9580

Campbell County criminal records are also available through the county courts. For misdemeanor-related cases, interested persons may get the records Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. from the Campbell County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office in person at:

732 Village Highway
Rustburg, VA 24588
Phone: (434) 332-9517

For felony-related cases, interested persons may get the records from the Campbell County General District Court Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m. at:

723 Village Highway
P.O. Box 100
Rustburg, VA 24588
Phone: (434) 332-9546

Campbell County Arrest Records Vs. Criminal Records

Campbell County arrest and criminal records are records created due to the arrest of individuals in the county. However, the unique difference between them is that only an arrest was made for arrest records, and charges may or may not be made afterward. In some cases, they are dropped even after charges are made after an arrest. Criminal records, on the other hand, typically start with an arrest and lead to a conviction, or the arrestee makes a guilty plea after the arrest during the trial process.

Arrest records generally show the arrests made by law enforcement in the county. Criminal records, on the other hand, include arrest records, charges, court proceedings, court dispositions, passed sentences, convictions, probation or parole information, plea bargains, incarceration information, expungements, and pardons. The courts in the county typically maintain criminal records.

How Long Do Arrests Stay on Your Record?

The length of time arrests stay on the records of arrested individuals in Campbell County, Virginia, depends on multiple factors. These include whether the arrest led to a conviction or not, if the arrest was for a misdemeanor or felony, or if the arrestee takes action to expunge the records. Virginia House Bill 2113 and Virginia Senate Bill 1406 provide for the sealing of Marijuana offenses specifically and convictions generally. HB 2113 provides for the sealing of misdemeanors that do not lead to convictions and felony charges that lead to acquittals. It also provides for the automatic erasure of records pertaining to certain misdemeanor marijuana offenses. Virginia’s laws provide for both automatic and petition-based sealing of arrest records.

Expunge Campbell County Arrest Records

Persons in Virginia who were acquitted of the charges against them or the charges were dismissed are eligible for the expungement of the arrests or court records per Virginia Code Ann. § 19.2-392.2 if the persons have no prior criminal records and the arrest was for a misdemeanor related infraction. These persons may start the process by filing a petition with the Campbell County Circuit Court. Where a pardon was granted for the innocence of someone in Campbell County, the pardon is grounds for automatic expungement of the related arrests or court records.

However, Campbell County has no systems for expunging juvenile records. Most juvenile court records are confidential and are only available by statute or court order.

With the passing of the Virginia Senate Bill 5033 in 2020, residents of Campbell County and other state residents may have charges brought against them deferred upon the agreement of the prosecutor and the defendant. The parties will continue the case under reasonable terms and conditions will be agreed upon. This provides for modifying the final disposition to the conviction of an alternative charge, the original, or dismissal. If charges are dismissed, they may be expunged with the prosecutor's agreement.

Virginia Senate Bill SB1406 eliminates the criminal penalty for possession of up to one ounce of marijuana for a person 21 years or older. All records of charges, arrests, court records, and convictions are automatically expunged by July 1, 2025.

To petition for expungement in Campbell County, interested persons fill out the Petition for Expungement Form and file it, along with a cover letter explaining the request and a set of fingerprints, with the Campbell County Circuit Court. The filing fee is $86. A copy of the petition should also be served to the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Attorney in Campbell County. After the petition, petitioners are to attend a court hearing where a judge will review the petition. An expungement order will be issued if the judge grants the petition.

Campbell County Arrest Warrants

An arrest warrant is a document issued by a judge or magistrate that authorizes personnel of the sheriff’s office, police, or other law enforcement personnel to take someone into custody. The person must be accused of a crime, and the arrest warrant is only issued when probable cause suggests criminal activity. Campbell County arrest warrant includes:

  • The name of the person to be taken into custody
  • The offense of the person
  • The identity of the person
  • Name or description of the place to be searched for the person
  • Description of the property or the person to be searched for
  • Recitation of the probable cause

Campbell County Arrest Warrant Search

To search and find active arrest warrants in Campbell County, the options include:

  • Contact the Campbell County Sheriff by a walk-in visit or via a phone call
  • Check for warrants from Campbell District Court or the Campbell Circuit Court
  • Check for warrants through the Virginia State Police Department. The Area 20 Office covers Campbell County.

The Area 20 Office of the Virginia State Police is located at:

515 South Main Street
Amherst, Virginia 24521
Phone: (434) 946-7101

Do Campbell County Arrest Warrants Expire?

In Campbell County, as in Virginia, Campbell County arrest warrants do not expire but remain active indefinitely with no attached expiry dates unless specified. Arrest warrants will remain active until the person named in the warrant is apprehended or the court repels the warrant. The warrant may be repelled if there is an error in the issue or if new evidence comes to light. Individuals with a warrant for their arrest may file a motion with the court to have the warrant quashed. They may need to appear before a judge to argue for the recall of the warrant.

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